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DCC Systems Response Codes

I0 Success Information Request has had a successful outcome

I99 Acknowledgement Information Request received for sending to Device has been accepted and has passed access control


   In Response to a successful Non-Device Service Request where there is no specific XML data included in the Service Response

E1 Failed Authorisation – Invalid User / User Role Error User / User Role combination is not a valid SEC party / User Role


E2 Failed Authorisation – Invalid User Role / Service Reference  Error User Role not permitted to send Service Reference


E3 Failed Authorisation – Invalid User Status Error User Status not permitted to send Service Reference


E4 Failed Authorisation – Invalid User / User Role for Device  Error User Role not authorised for Device and required date & time


E5 Failed Authorisation – Invalid Device Status  Error Device SMI Status incompatible with Service Reference


E11 Failed Validation – Invalid Service Request / device type combination Error Service Reference not compatible with the specified device


E12 Failed Validation – Invalid Request / Command Variant combination Error Command Variant not applicable to the Request type


E13 Failed Validation – Invalid Request Type for URL Error Request Type not valid for the URL, e.g. a “Non-Device” Service Request sent to the “Transform” URL 


E17 Failed Authorisation –Service Request or Signed Pre-Command is not available for Local Command Services   User Role / Device status combination doesn’t permit Request of Command for local delivery


E19 Failed Authorisation – Device doesn’t exist Error Device ID invalid


E20 Communications Failure – Unable to Communicate with Device Error DCC Systems cannot establish communications with Device

E21 Communications Failure – No Response Received from Device Error No Response received from Device for an “On Demand” Command or a “Future Dated” Command

E30 Time-out – “Future Dated” Command  Error DCC Systems doesn’t get Response from Device on the expected date for “Future Dated” Command


E31 Time-out – “DSP Schedule” /“Future Dated (DSP) Command Error DCC Systems cannot establish communications with or get response from Device for “DSP Scheduled” or “Future Dated (DSP) Command


E40 Failed Sequenced Command – Invalid First Request  Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request because it includes the “First In Sequence” flag set to true and the “Preceding RequestID” is populated


E41 Failed Sequenced Command – Invalid “Preceding Request ID” Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because its “Preceding Request ID” is also the “Preceding RequestID” of another Request in the same sequence


E42 Failed Sequenced Command – Circular Reference Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because its “Request ID” is the same as its “Preceding Request ID” or the “Preceding RequestID” of its preceding request or of one of its preceding requests, e.g. request id 1 has request 2 as its preceding request and request 2 has request 1 as its preceding request 


E43 Failed Sequenced Command – Previous Request(s) Failure Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because previous Request (s) in the sequence failed


E44 Failed Sequenced Command – Previous Request(s) not received Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because a Response has not been received for previous Request(s) in the sequence during the “Wait Period”


E45 Failed Sequenced Command – Invalid Command Variant Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because its Command Variant is not applicable to a sequenced Request 


E46 Failed Sequenced Command – Request after Last In Sequence Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because it is dependent on the Last In Sequence 


E47 Failed Sequenced Command – Request failed because no response to “On Demand” Command received from device Error DCC Systems fails a sequenced Request, because no response received from device to previous Command


E48 Failed Validation – Service Request Reference and Variant mismatch Error Invalid combination of Service Reference and Service Reference Variant


E49 Failed Validation – Service Request Format and Service Reference Variant mismatch Error The Service Request format doesn’t match the Service Reference Variant in the message header


E50 Local Command Services Not Returned Error The Service Request requesting a Command for Local Delivery has not returned a Command


E51 Failed Validation – Signed Pre-Command Message Code and Service Reference Variant mismatch  Error The GB Companion Specification Message Code in the Signed Pre-Command GBCS Payload doesn’t map to the Service Reference Variant in the Signed Pre-Command XML header


E52 Failed Validation – Unable to cancel Future Dated (DSP) Service Request Error The Service Request is to cancel a Future Dated (DSP) Service Request of the same type but DCC can’t find a Service Request to cancel


E53 Failed Sequenced Command – Error The sequenced Service Request is Future Dated (DSP) and is not the first Request in the sequence

 Future Dated (DSP) not first in sequence  

E54 Failed Sequenced Command – Error The sequenced Gas Service Request returns encrypted data

 Gas Service Request returns encrypted data  

E55 Failed Validation – Duplicate Request ID Error The Request’s Request ID is the duplicate of another Request being processed by the DCC Systems


E56 Failed Validation – Service Request no longer supported Error The requested Service Request is no longer supported by the DCC Systems. This error shall only occur if a Service Request which exists in an older version of the DUIS XML schema can no longer be accepted by the DCC Systems on that version of the DCC User Interface


E57 Failed Validation – Invalid Service Request / GBCS version combination Error The Service Request is not compatible with the specified target Device’s Device Model according to the Device Model recorded in the Smart Metering Inventory for that Device and the version of GBCS that pertains to the entry for that Device Model in the Central Products List


E58 Communications Failure – Command not delivered to ESME Error The Communications Hub Function was unable to deliver the Command to the ESME


   The creation of this DCC Alert is in direct response to the receipt by the DCC Systems of an Alert 0x8F84 - Failure to Deliver Remote Party Message to ESME (as defined by GBCS) from the Communications Hub Function

E59 Dual Band CHF Sub GHz event Error The CHF sends one of the following Alerts to the DCC Access Control Broker to indicate a communications event in the Sub GHz frequency range:


   Alerts without specific payload:

   ·         0x8F22 - Critical Duty Cycle Action Taken

   ·         0x8F24 - Regulated Duty Cycle Action Taken

   ·         0x8F29 - Three Lost GSME Searches Failed

   ·         0x8F2B - Sub GHz Channel not changed due to Frequency Agility Parameters


   Alerts with specific payload:

   ·         0x8F20 - Limited Duty Cycle Action Taken

   ·         0x8F2C - Message Discarded Due to Duty Cycle Management

   ·         0x8F2D - No More Sub GHz Device Capacity


   The DCC Alert includes the Alert Code and, for those that contain specific payload, it also includes the corresponding information

E60 Failed Validation – Invalid Service Request for SMETS1 Devices Error The target device is a SMETS1 Device, but the Service Request is not a SMETS1 Service Request

E61 Failed Validation – Invalid Command Variant for SMETS1 Service  Request Error The Command Variant is not valid for the SMETS1 Service Request

E62 SMETS1 Service Provider error or information  Error or information Error condition or notification from a SMETS1 Service Provider, for example a Service Request failed validation within a SMETS1 Service Provider. Additional information shall be provided in the S1SPAlertCode within  the DCC Alert payload

E63 DCC Data Systems anti-Replay Intercept Error Protection against Replay mechanisms within the DCC have rejected a SMETS1 Service Request. 

E100 Failed Authentication Error Request failed Authentication (as per checks in clause 3.2.3 Message Authentication)