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1.1.1 Update Import Tariff (Primary Element)
1.2.1 Update Price (Primary Element)
1.5 Update Meter Balance
1.6 Update Payment Mode
2.1 Update Prepay Configuration
2.2 Top Up Device
2.3 Update Debt
2.5 Activate Emergency Credit
3.1 Display Message
3.2 Restrict Access For Change Of Tenancy
3.3 Clear Event Log
3.4 Update Supplier Name
3.5 Disable Privacy PIN
4.3 Read Instantaneous Prepay Values
4.1.1 Read Instantaneous Import Registers 
4.1.2 Read Instantaneous Import TOU Matrices 
4.4.2 Retrieve Change Of Mode / Tariff Triggered Billing Data Log
4.4.3 Retrieve Billing Calendar Triggered Billing Data Log
4.4.4 Retrieve Billing Data Log (Payment Based Debt Payments)
4.4.5 Retrieve Billing Data Log (Prepayment Credits)
4.6.1 Retrieve Import Daily Read Log
4.8.1 Read Active Import Profile Data 
4.11.1 Read Tariff (Primary Element)
4.14 Read Prepayment Daily Read Log
4.17 Retrieve Daily Consumption Log
4.18 Read Meter Balance
5.1 Create Schedule
5.2 Read Schedule
5.3 Delete Schedule
6.2.3 Read Device Configuration (Billing Calendar)
6.2.7 Read Device Configuration (MPxN)
6.2.9 Read Device Configuration (Payment Mode)
6.4.1 Update Device Configuration (Load Limiting General Settings)
6.8 Update Device Configuration (Billing Calendar)
6.11 Synchronise Clock
6.12 Update Device Configuration (Instantaneous Power Threshold)
6.13 Read Event Or Security Log
6.15.2 Update Security Credentials (Device)
6.17 Issue Security Credentials
6.20.1 Set Device Configuration (Import MPxN)
6.21 Request Handover From DCC
6.22 Configure Alert Behaviour
6.23 Update Security Credentials
6.24.1 Retrieve Device Security Credentials (KRP)
6.24.2 Retrieve Device Security Credentials (Device)
6.25 Set Electricity Supply Tamper State
7.1 Enable Supply
7.2 Disable Supply
7.3 Arm Supply
7.4 Read Supply Status
8.1.1 Commission Device
8.2 Read Inventory
8.3 Decommission Device
8.9 Read Device Log
8.11 Update HAN Device Log
11.1 Update Firmware
11.2 Read Firmware Version
11.3 Activate Firmware
12.1 Request WAN Matrix
12.2 Device Pre-notification
8.7x ESME Join to PPMID

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